Ahhh the Manual… 

Ahhh the Manual… …the invisible set of rules that you keep in your head about how everyone should behave in order to make you happy. ❎ Your husband doesn’t compliment you every day? Must mean he finds other things to

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Unconditional LOVE

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of living with dogs, then you know the delight that is the open-hearted joy and affection with which they greet you after spending a couple hours (or sometimes, even a couple minutes) apart. 🐶

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Love is an emotion.

Have you ever stopped to think about what love actually is? 🤔 Love is an emotion, and on its own, it doesn’t actually mean all that much. We believe that when we take actions INSPIRED by love that our relationships

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Do you know and BELIEVE that you are unconditionally loveable? 💜 We are ALL born 100% loveable and worthy. And we have the ability to love ourselves (our love-ability) in a way that is completely self-sufficient, if we choose to

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Conflict Resolution

Being one half of a couple can be one of the greatest experiences in life…and one of the most challenging. 🙉 It can be easy to focus on everything the other person is doing wrong and how you want them

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