The Discomfort of Starting is GOOD!

One of the hardest parts about being an entrepreneur is getting started. 🤔It’s when you’re in that place where you’re ready to start the business that’s going to change people’s lives, but you don’t have any evidence yet that you’re

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Intentional Thought Creation

Working hard by doing things you hate or always making sacrifices for work are not requirements for success. 😮Read that again.You can have fun AND be successful. In fact, the more fun you have while working toward your goals, the

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Ay, Mariposas…

If you haven’t yet seen Encanto , I highly recommend it. ✨ Encanto is a beautiful movie about who you truly are and the miracles that you are capable of creating in your own life even when it isn’t the

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Spring Cleaning Time

Our brain creates the resistance that keeps us from accomplishing our goals. 😮 Our brain is designed for efficiency. It memorizes repeated tasks, so that you don’t have to waste energy thinking about what you need to do on a

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Baby Steps to Start

Martha Beck says that how we describe our closets is how we describe ourselves.How would you describe YOUR closet? 👀Does the stuff you own make you feel free, or does it make you feel like you are drowning in comparisonitis

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TLCS Mastermind Day 2 Nuggets

Day 2 in Austin! AMAZINGLY FULL DAYS! So thankful to be surrounded by these amazing people and have the chance to meet my celebrities of coaching and mentors in real life. I am blessed to have all of these inspiring

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Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Today I celebrate ONE FULL YEAR of sharing my insight on Social Media!!!I DID IT!! 👸🏽💪🏽 I decided to put myself out there a year ago, to be vulnerable and explain things in a way that showed their impact on

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The Life Coach School Mastermind 2022

Day 1 Under our Belt and was MIND BLOWING!! The energy just walking into the room was so powerful as you can feel! Sharing some Nuggets: – Your success will be determined by how well you obey YOURSELF! – Make

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What’s your Story?

Part of becoming a certified coach at Life Coach School is building awareness of our thoughts using a few key concepts: 🔹STORY vs. FACT- Facts are things that happen that are neutral until we have a thought about them. 🔹

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