Victimization comes from the outside – it’s what someone does to you.

Victimhood / Victim mentality comes from the inside- what you choose to hold onto from the victimization.

The sneaky thing about victim mentality is that you can have it without even realizing it. 😮
In particular, it can be hard for those of us who see ourselves as strong and capable women to acknowledge that we are unconsciously engaging in a victim mentality.

Many of us have gone through hard things or traumas in the past that we use to–consciously or not–justify our victim mentality.
The problem with victim mentality is that you can’t have a victim mentality AND live fully in your power. 🤷‍♀️

So how do you know if you’re living in a victim mentality?
If you find yourself:
🔹 Blaming others for your problems
🔹 Complaining often
🔹 Being defensive
🔹 Being afraid to put yourself out there

…then you might be living in a victim mentality.

Blame is a form of giving away responsibility and can lead to a feeling of constantly being on the defense and wanting to protect yourself from potential attacks, even when there isn’t really one there. It feels more comfortable to blame someone else rather than be vulnerable and open to what they may be saying.🛡️

Having a victim mentality is NOT a sign of weakness, it’s simply a limiting belief pattern that needs to be changed if you want to live your life to its fullest.

Having a victim mentality is also not the same as being vulnerable. Being vulnerable means being brave enough to experience ALL of your emotions as they arise and requires you to face your feelings (and fears) head-on rather than hiding from them. Are you willing to be vulnerable and feel the emotions that come up so that you can address them? 👏

No matter what you may have gone through, it is always your choice whether you hold onto living with a victim mentality or you decide to embrace vulnerability and face your feelings.

Only when you can be honest with yourself about what you think and feel can you address and change any limiting beliefs you might hold, including a victim mentality. 💙

If you’re ready to move beyond a victim mentality, take ownership and be vulnerable, then book a discovery consultation with me today. 🦋