A+ again. Congratulations! You have once again achieved a perfect score. But at what cost?

Perfectionism is really just our worry of how people will perceive us. By doing this, you are not allowing yourself the space to be your true self.

Many people find themselves focusing on the most minuscule details on their quest to be perfect. But could this be preventing you from reaching your full potential? Did you avoid starting a new goal due to your fear of producing (B-) work?

We are our worst critics, so don’t let that be the reason that you do not pursue your dreams.

When you don’t give yourself a chance to be imperfect, you remain stagnant and prevent progress towards an end goal, much less a rough draft.

So, do you really want to care about what other people think? 

Don’t be your own reason for not pursuing your goals.

There is a difference between perfection and excellence. You get to decide which trait to embody.