Ahhh the Manual…

…the invisible set of rules that you keep in your head about how everyone should behave in order to make you happy.

❎ Your husband doesn’t compliment you every day? Must mean he finds other things to be more important than you.

❎ Your adult son didn’t say “I love you” when he hung up? Must mean he thinks you’re so “EXTRA” and needy.

❎ Your best friend didn’t take time off work to celebrate your birthday? Must mean you care more about the relationship than she does.

❎ You didn’t follow your diet plan 100% yesterday at the beach with friends. You never have enough willpower and won’t ever lose the weight.

It sounds pretty silly written out, but many of us keep this rulebook in our minds and tally up others’ (and our own) behavior to make it mean something about how they feel about us (and ourselves).

We LOVE when people follow our Manual scripts and meet our expectations. It makes us feel good, cared for, loved.

But when people fail to meet our expectations? That’s when we start to feel like shit. 🙅🏽

The only benefit our Manuals really bring into our lives is the illusion of control over others.

But that’s all it is, an illusion.

Stop giving away your power and emotional agency and let me show you how to gradually let go of all those damn manuals.

If you’re ready to start living a more empowering life then I’m here and ready to help you do it.

Book a Discovery Consultation with me and let’s do this. 💙

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