Giving Back March

Too many women physicians are frustrated, isolated and depleted. The demands on our time and energy increase daily leading to burnout, strained relationships, and lack of fulfillment despite working hard.
The Authenticity, Courage & Empowerment (ACE) Conference for Women Physicians is designed to counteract all of the above. It will help women rest, connect, and renew. This small CME conference brings together 21 speakers and a dynamic community. It’s an opportunity to heal, learn, and grow with the support of other courageous women.
At the ACE Conference, and with the support of the community that continues afterwards, you’ll start to: Feel in control again Be excited again about your life and careerDream again, or dream bigger, about what you really want
Join me for an authentic conference experience and build your life and your community. I will be one of the coaches there offering free mini sessions to help attendees start empowering themselves towards becoming exceptional!All the details and registration are available at

Authenticity, Courage & Empowerment Conference for Women Physicians

April 28 – May 1, 2022

La Cantera Resort & Spa

San Antonio, Texas