If you haven’t yet seen Encanto , I highly recommend it. ✨

Encanto is a beautiful movie about who you truly are and the miracles that you are capable of creating in your own life even when it isn’t the popular way to go.

It’s about trying to always live up to expectations, even if they aren’t yours, and shifting to do what YOU want for yourself.

It’s about recognizing our crappy thoughts and processing through our unwanted feelings, doing what is right for ourselves, and breaking through the cultural norms and expectations that society imposes on us (we don’t talk about Bruno… 🧟‍♂️)

The “Two Oruguitas” song is about two caterpillars who are afraid of the transformation necessary to become butterflies and it is a beautiful reminder that “wonders await you” if you just “let the walls come down.” 🐛

🐛 “Ay, oruguitas (caterpillars)🐛

Don’t you hold on too tight

Both of you know

It’s your time to grow

To fall apart, to reunite

Wonders await you

Just on the other side

Trust they’ll be there

And start to prepare

The way for tomorrow

Ay mariposas (butterflies)🦋

Don’t you hold on too tight

Both of you know

It’s your time to grow

To fly apart, to reunite

Wonders surround you

Just let the walls come down

Don’t look behind you

Fly till you find the way to tomorrow.”

One year ago, I created my logo for Thought Work, MD to demonstrate the process of growth that we all go through as our mind transforms when we do the work for ourselves… by figuring out who we actually are inside vs. releasing who we’re “supposed to be.” 🦋

We all lose sight sometimes of who we are, our authentic beliefs, and what we’re capable of.

We can reground ourselves with gratitude for the miracles that we are granted and the miracles we create for ourselves. We can reflect and remind ourselves of what truly matters. 💙 💜

What’s holding you back from beginning your transformation to reflect what truly matters?