Martha Beck says that how we describe our closets is how we describe ourselves.
How would you describe YOUR closet? 👀
Does the stuff you own make you feel free, or does it make you feel like you are drowning in comparisonitis or disorganization?

Spring cleaning is a great time to take a look at the things you own (including the thoughts in your mind) and ask yourself: do they bring you joy?

Your intention should be to create a mental and physical environment that supports your desired lifestyle, and to get rid of anything that adds stress.

One of my favorite decluttering tips (to apply to your closet AND your mind) is starting small!

Looking at your entire house (or mind) and everything that you want to change can be overwhelming and demotivating. Start with a small, manageable area first, such as a junk drawer (or one crappy thought), as opposed to the whole kitchen (or belief system).

Simply STARTING is often the hardest part, but once you begin, you build confidence in your ability to declutter and organize, and realize that it’s not only possible, but oftentimes is less work that you originally imagined.

Once you start organizing, even a small area, you are doing more than just clearing out a junk drawer.

You are making a change on an identity level and becoming the type of person who organizes.

Making that identity level change and starting to see yourself as the type of person who takes the kinds of actions that lead to the results you desire is a HUGE part of changing your life on a larger scale. 💯

Small change creates desire for more change and shows you that there is a process that gets the results that you want, and that you are capable of completing it.

And it all starts with that junk drawer… or shitty thought! Pretty neat, huh?!

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