Are you consciously aware of your urges?

What thoughts do you have that usually create them?

When do they typically invade your brain?

Does it feel like you never have the willpower to resist them and always give in?

Is it possible that the urge has no authority over you if you don’t let it?!

It may seem impossible to not give in… So I ask, what the harm in just allowing the urge to be there with you?

What is so bad about just feeling it?

Maybe this has just never crossed your mind. It hadn’t for me!

So my mind was blown 🤯when I realized this!

Sitting with an urge means you acknowledge that it is there, allow yourself to feel it, and then NOT act on it.

“I see you urge. Hello. I have nothing for you.”

Can you say this to yourself the next time you want to grab “Just one bite of ice cream” after dinner, or eat just one cookie because it won’t hurt?

Because, if you can allow an urge to be there, you will see that it gradually goes away.

Don’t believe you can do it?

We’ve all had an urge for something, have gotten distracted, and forgotten about it. The urge went away. It didn’t kill us when we didn’t give in to it, right?

And allowing an urge is essentially the same thing.

Giving in to the urge reinforces that behavior.

Resisting the urge only makes it stronger.

Allowing the urge lets it gradually dissipate and go away.

Let your brain believe it is in charge. Let it decide to choose to just allow the urge. And eliminate the need for willpower.