Calendaring 101: Thursday Time Out

ThursdayTime (1)

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know how valuable my Thursday Time Out time management technique is! 🦋
If you’re new around here (hello and welcome!), or if you just need a reminder that an organized life is a better life, then here’s how it goes:
Every week, schedule at least 60 minutes to write down every single thing you need to do for the following week.
That means EVERYTHING: work, sleep, play, gym time, projects broken down into goals, time for visualizing your future, meals, time spent with your family, dog walks, everything!
Then you put all of these items on your calendar, realistically scheduling the amount of time each thing will take to complete.
You will also want to schedule time in your calendar to deal with unexpected things that might come up- your pop off blocks! 🔥
If things come up during the week that aren’t on your calendar, you can deal with them by either adding them to next week’s calendar or by moving them to the pop off blocks you have built in to your day. 🧯

Planning out your schedule this way makes focusing on the steps needed to accomplish your goals a million times easier, and actually frees up your time, allowing you to waste less time as compared to figuring things out last minute.

And spending more time doing what you love instead is what it’s all about! 💙