Can you just love yourself through the setbacks?


Today I want to talk about how to practice your protocol when you have setbacks. 🙏🏻

The great thing about setbacks is that they are teachable moments. If everything was easy and comfortable all of the time, we wouldn’t experience the discomfort that is required for growth.

And when we practice things, like the anger protocol I talked about in my last post, they slowly become second nature.

Remember, learning to view obstacles as opportunities is a GAME CHANGER. 💯

So…how do you deal with setbacks? Especially when you are convinced that you “will never be able to control your angry reactions because you’ve tried before and it never sticks.”

The key thing is to give yourself GRACE.

Simply acknowledge that you may not have showed up the way you wanted, have self-compassion for yourself because you are doing the work AND you are improving, and then apologize and move forward because you are HUMAN.

It’s essential for you to love YOU first so that you can give your best to those around you. 💜

If you find yourself becoming frustrated by every last thing, it may be a clear sign that it’s time to spend some time thinking about what is setting you off.

Are you stretched too thin?

Are you only taking care of others at the expense of yourself?

Are you reverting to thinking thoughts that really are not true?

And then consider this…

Can you just love yourself through the setbacks?

Because you, my friend, are making the efforts to grow, and that alone deserves some acknowledgment. 🦋

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