Can You Please Hurry Up?!


“Can you please hurry up so we can get to the next thing?!”

How often do you find yourself spitting out this request to your family, friends, employees, and basically anyone in your life?

There always seems to be an urgency to get to the next location, finish up a task as soon as possible, and move on to the next phase of life without fully experiencing the one you’re currently in.

But there is a huge difference between URGENCY and IMPORTANCE.

Interrupting quality time with loved ones to answer a call or email may be important, but is it really urgent? Do you really need to look at that phone when you’re at the dinner table? What would happen if you just delayed it for an hour or two?

Let’s stop for a minute and ask ourselves: what’s the hurry for?

Is it simply to rush to do the next thing on your list? Show your face at the five events you were invited to on the weekend? Not miss out on XYZ for fear of being excluded?

You may have shown up for the event, answered the call, and completed your to-do list. 

But, at the end of it all, have you allowed yourself to live the experience fully?