What is Burnout?

Burnout occurs when you overwork yourself.
It is usually brought on by the continued presence of these three things:

1) Stressful thoughts that you are choosing to think

2) Lack of or poor pre-planning

3) Scarcity mindset when approaching challenges

Burnout is compounded further with stress surrounding the work you are doing, an extreme amount of effort expended into completing tasks, or simply by working too much.

When it comes to work product, we often assume that we have to put in more & more effort in order to produce results. But, in reality, the value we offer is what creates our profits.

Working harder doesn’t necessarily mean you are working smarter.

It’s not always about the amount of time you put in or how hard you work yourself.

Try these steps to start making those one degree changes:

1) Change your attitude & remove the negativity. Ask yourself why you are choosing to think those negative thoughts? Are they serving you? Instead, consider changing your outlook on the work you are doing & intentionally choose to create a positive energy. Remember, there will be different negatives when you reach your goal, accept the 50/50 now and then as inevitable.

2) When you plan in advance, it takes less energy to reach your end result. Your less reactionary & more intentional. Suddenly, not everything is an emergency and your cortisol levels GO DOWN! You eliminate the feelings of overwhelm when you plan. Put the time into planning in advance & gift yourself the time to think like the visionary you are, for your own sake.

3) Stop worrying about people scooping you, stealing your ideas, or beating you to the punch. Is there only one burger chain or pharmacy in the world? Is it possible that there are enough people on earth to support all of the ideas? What is your compelling reason? When it is driven by scarcity, you’ll find that you’re no longer enjoying the journey. Isn’t the purpose to enjoy the ride?

Make 1-degree shifts in your direction every day towards joy.

If you do this consistently, you will end up in a completely different place.- Adapted from Martha Beck.