Celebrating Coach Certification Day at The Life Coach School!

Today the April cohort of coaches in training, myself included, became certified as life coaches after months of increasing our awareness and applying the skills of service we have been taught.

Pictured above are just some of the medical doctors I have had the pleasure of certifying with this year. We are now able to heal people, but maybe in a different way than traditionally accepted.

It’s still interesting to me how as physicians, some of us still feel that we have to have proof in a piece of paper that we are competent in doing something. We are competent, and we are worthy, with or without that certificate.

Self-worth – we tie it to our accomplishments. I have done A LOT of work on myself with this over the past year. And I challenge us all to not equate our self-worth with our accomplishments now as we enter the next phase of our lives with coaching.

My coaching journey, as many of you know, started in November of 2020. I personally made the decision last year to pursue coaching initially for my own self-development and improvement. I have accomplished that goal and yet recognize that I am still learning. What comes next is simply, gravy.

Our Thoughts Create Our Feelings.

That is pure gold. I wish someone had taught me that sooner, but I know I learned this when it was supposed to happen and be most beneficial for me.

So congrats to all of the newly certified Life Coach School coaches!!!