How strong is your ability to overcome adversity? ❔
How do you deal with challenges and obstacles?
Giving up easily can mean that you have a low frustration tolerance and it’s hard for you to handle failure. Never giving up means that you probably have a high adversity quotient and enjoy taking on new challenges… that are OPTIONAL.
If you give up easily, you’re not alone.
We often make failure mean something about us when it doesn’t have to. Both failure and success don’t mean anything more than the meaning we give them. 👏
How willing are you to embrace adversity?
Choosing a challenge to overcome on purpose, that you have the option of giving up on, helps you to grow, to become stronger and more resilient. It helps you to develop more creative problem-solving skills and level up your life. 💯
Getting the results you want in life is going to require you to overcome bigger and bigger challenges.
As Biggie so succinctly put it, “Mo money, mo problems.”
Being more successful or having more cash won’t equate to less problems. It will just create a new set or type of problem.
So own that.
You can be more successful, and will be faced with different challenges that come with THAT success. They may just be a different kind of challenge.
Life is always going to be 50/50, remember? 🦋
Consistently putting yourself out there on purpose is how you take the massive action that is required to meet your goals and level up in your life.

The key to success is to choose your challenges intentionally and then never give up. 💜