Delaying the Inevitable


If you had your choice, would you rather feel emotional pain now or push it off as far into the future as possible?

If you asked anybody, I bet most of them would choose later.

Most people try to push off feeling their pain through buffering- when we use coping mechanisms, such as over-drinking, overeating, over Facebooking to create false pleasures in order to avoid feeling the pain.

Buffering through the pain only temporarily pushes it off, only to make it stronger, and possibly lead to outcomes we will later regret. You’ll still feel it eventually. So, why not just allow it now?

Here’s why you should…Pain is part of life.

When we allow it to just be there, we can process it and let it pass. And after it passes, we are more able to move on in a more productive manner.

Allowing yourself to choose pain now means you allow yourself to feel all the feelings that life brings.

The good and the bad.

Because life is 50- 50.

Be open to allowing the negative emotions to be there in life, as well as the positive ones. It allows you to more efficiently process and move past the roadblocks, pain, and unwanted responses to the situations that we will face.

Be present. Be aware of it. Process. Allow it to be.

It will pass.

Present. Process. Pass.

You’ll witness yourself and your actions become so much more effective.