Do it now…or… never get to it…


Proactivation is the opposite of procrastination- This is a concept I learned in The Life Coach School. It’s defined by your taking action to cause something to happen rather than your reacting to it after it’s already happening. It’s essentially reverse procrastination.

As an example, when you plan ahead and set your deadline 2 weeks in advance of the actual one you’re acting from a space of proactivation.

This could be starting the high-stakes goal at the beginning of the time you have and creating B- work that you can later refine. High achievers tend to be the ones that struggle the most with this. But, just imagine how much better this will feel in comparison to waiting to complete the work in a frantic, high-pressure tizzy at the final hour as your deadline approaches.

Proactivation allows for you to intentionally plan for your future and be more present when the future moment finally arrives. Your creativity and potential get to shine!

Conversely, procrastination restricts your potential for optimizing creativity. When you procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get the work done, you don’t give yourself the chance to maximize how you can show up and complete goals. It almost always creates a sense of rush and urgency. Most importantly, when you procrastinate, you are unable to really be fully present in the moment.

And if your argument is that you tend to do better under pressure, challenge yourself by asking what is the harm in just moving the deadline up for yourself?
You still can create the pressure of meeting the deadline, if that is your fuel, but consider being able to relish in the feeling of getting something done ahead of schedule!

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