Do you ever stop to think about how YOU are in charge of yourself?

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Do you ever stop to think about how YOU are in charge of yourself?

And therefore… what YOU are thinking ultimately determines what you create in your life? 👀

If you’re even just occasionally REACTING instead of showing up with intention and in control, could you consider why you are showing up that way?

If you are known as being quick to anger (or maybe it’s your own well kept little secret), as someone who often lashes out at those around you, I can tell you that being that angry person doesn’t have to be your permanent identity.

I know first hand how hard it can be to control anger in the moment… it seems impossible. 🙅🏻

That’s why I did the work to change myself. I did the work to learn how best to manage my thoughts so I could control my reactions.

And, I can show you how to too if you are up for it, for your own sake…

I specialize in helping women develop an anger protocol that enables them to recognize and become more aware of what activates them. It takes some steps, it takes some practice. and YOU can do it. You will blow your own mind.

So, let’s do just that by learning how to build your awareness, to take a moment and allow yourself to FEEL the anger creeping into your body–and then just sit with it and let it pass through you. Watch it dissipate and lose its control over you, leaving you able to think more clearly and so you can then make more productive decisions. 👏🏻

If you’re ready to take control of your anger and choose a more intentional way of living, reach out to me.

Let’s work together to create your best life. 🦋