Do You Procrastinate?


Today is this day!!! This year, tax day was pushed from April 15th to May 17th. We had one extra month!! However, are your taxes done or did you still procrastinate? 

Procrastination is the act of postponing something. People procrastinate because they are afraid of doing a daunting task or they buffer to avoid doing something that is not enjoyable. Feeling incapable of doing a task can be the result of being afraid of failing at the task. Procrastinating often ends in a disadvantage, so learning to plan wisely and getting tasks completed ahead of schedule can save you from future traffic jams, and thus future stressors. 

Tax day may put some people in a difficult position requiring them to move money around. Don’t make matters worse. Prioritize completing your taxes so you do not find yourself incurring a penalty for submitting those returns in late. Get it done in advance!