Today I celebrate ONE FULL YEAR of sharing my insight on Social Media!!!
I DID IT!! 👸🏽💪🏽

I decided to put myself out there a year ago, to be vulnerable and explain things in a way that showed their impact on me (and others hopefully), and to share the crazy good nuggets of wisdom I have been learning with the world…

Because I couldn’t believe NO ONE EVER TAUGHT US THIS STUFF BEFORE!!!


I went to Kindergarten, and was asked “Did Suzy hurt your feelings?”, when only I could be responsible for that.

I went through grade school and high school, often times blaming others for my results, when I was the one creating them.

I went to med school and residency and didn’t learn this one FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT that would have changed EVERYTHING…


My goal in starting my mindset coaching business is to empower you to commit to your own self-care and development and learn to make changes that will completely change how you think about things. 👏

Because, coaching completely changed my life.

There is so much less anger and frustration.

There is less strife.

And when shit does happen and life is not so great, I know how to handle it better and allow the negative emotions in a way I am proud of.

There is more joy, more time, more living with intention.

There is growing self-awareness and love.

Learning how our thoughts impact our emotions, which in turn drive our behaviors and determine our results we create is the 🔑 to creating a more authentic and empowered reality.

I believe that when just one person does the work to develop a deeper awareness of their thoughts and regain control of their life, it has a ripple effect on the whole 🌎

If we ALL could make 1 degree changes in how we think, imagine the impact we could make on ourselves, our loved ones, and simply everyone around us! 🦋

Leave me a message if you like and help me celebrate today, for showing up, being vulnerable, and honoring my commitment to myself!

You can do it too…