Have You EVER Finished Your TO DO List?


When was the last time you finished everything on your to-do list… on time?

Procrastination can be a crux. Prevent falling into this unproductive cycle by moving up big deadlines and committing yourself to completing them. 

Allowing un-pressured time to polish up your final product is an act of self-love.

Items on your to-do list that don’t get completed due to unforeseen fires should become first priority for you the next day. Or they should get moved to your weekly pre-scheduled Pop Off Block.

Every week, when doing your Thursday Time Out, evaluate what didn’t work for you in the prior week so that you can adjust your calendar to fit in important tasks and eliminate those that are not serving you or bringing you joy.

Not planning ahead is a HUGE ENERGY DRAIN. You end up spending more time trying to figure out what to do than actually doing it!

Commit to the initial discomfort of setting time aside to plan ahead, and then stick to your plan! RELISH in the fact that you already have a decision made and enjoy the BLISS of avoiding INDECISION!