So- for you first time parents of college students…
How did the first Home for the Holidays go? 🦃

Was the visit sprinkled with tense and awkward moments?

Was their time at home as you expected?

Or did things not go as you had envisioned as some unexpected realities set in and unwanted truths came to the surface that you weren’t ready to discover?
Did the conversations and/or unfulfilled dreams take you by surprise?

They are growing up.

They don’t always agree with us on things.

We don’t have control over them anymore (we haven’t for a while).

It doesn’t always feel so good.

Actually, it really sucks.

Did you react in a way you now regret?

Say things you didn’t mean to say?

Find yourself reliving conversations over and over again?

Question what you did wrong in how you raised them?

I get it.’First time college kid home for the holidays’ mom here as well.It didn’t go perfectly, but it definitely went much better than it would have had I never had coaching before in my life. (I cringe thinking about what it could have looked like.)

When we are spread thin and a bomb 💣 is dropped, we revert to old behaviors and say things we might regret. It’s normal for the anger to come out when we are pushed for the first time in a while.

It’s OK if you’re regretting some of your words and actions as the kids are on their way back to college. Feel the crappy feelings you are having about it.Give yourself grace.

We all make mistakes.

The next step is you making intentional efforts to help take back the control- but I’m referring to the control you have on YOUR reactions.

Reach out to me if you regret how you showed up this holiday.
Let’s get you ready to be in control when the next bomb gets dropped in a few weeks in Round 2. 😂

Let’s put some thought work in place together.

I’ve got you.