☑️ Therapy can help you if you struggle to perform at your baseline by working on areas where you may not be adequately functioning on a day to day basis. In therapy, you often work with a professional to analyze what has happened to you in the past and then uncover how it continues to impact you in the present. Therapy is a great first step in learning how to create a more day-to-day functional life.

☑️ Coaching, on the other hand, is purposeful in taking you to the next level by helping you takes steps to transform from being at baseline functional to EXCEPTIONAL. Coaching encourages you to take the time to become more aware of what you are thinking and how your thoughts affect your feelings, actions, and ultimately your results. You control your results by controlling how you choose to think about things, and coaching is instrumental in helping you gain that new perspective.

Don’t you want to become exceptional? 🙌

A powerful self-coaching strategy is to pay attention and build awareness around what you are thinking on a daily basis. 💯

Let this be the beginning of your transformation, and enjoy the journey!