How many Manuals do you have filed in Your brain? 👀


How many Manuals do you have filed in Your brain? 👀

A Manual is a set of rules we create for how we expect people in our life to behave. And, when people don’t follow these rules, we end up feeling disappointed or angry.

The thing about a manual is– although we could give voice to these rules– we usually don’t. We simply expect people to magically understand how we want them to behave and end up pissed off when they don’t meet our requirements. 😐

“My husband didn’t take the trash out and do his chores. He doesn’t care about me and everything I already do.”

“My neighbor never returned my phone call. She must not really want to hang out with me.”

“My best friend hasn’t reached out in weeks. I bet she’s found new friends.”

Manuals don’t serve you or your relationships. Not only do they set you up for disappointment and bad feelings, but they also put you in a position where you are constantly judging and comparing other people’s behavior to some meaningless ideal.

What would happen if you let go of the need for other people to live up to your standards?

What if you just accepted people where they are, and stopped making their behavior mean anything about you?

As Alexander Pope once said, “To err is human, to forgive divine.”

There is no human on earth who isn’t flawed.

Everyone makes mistakes, and the quicker you learn to forgive yourself and others (for your own sake), the more peaceful your life will be. 🦋

Want to learn how to get rid of your Manual, and set yourself up for more fulfilling relationships?

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