How to learn to accept every phase of life?


When life changes—like changing careers, starting a new course, starting a family, or taking next steps in our relationships–it can bring up a lot of new feelings that can be challenging to navigate.

It’s often when we go through these changes that we find ourselves comparing our lives to those of other people. 😧

Wouldn’t it be so much more peaceful if we could learn to accept that every phase of life is happening for us for a reason?

And wouldn’t it be so much more freeing to know that sometimes one phase in life can be a lot more crazy than the next, and we have the ability to adapt and change as needed accordingly?

Wouldn’t it be so much more relaxing to know that some phases might require us to be less present for our kids, and then the next phase enables us to be there so much more for them?

It’s simple.

Life happens in phases.

It can be one week phases, 1 month phases, 3 month phases, yearly phases… it doesn’t really matter.

What is this phase of YOUR life?

Comparing the phases of our lives to those of others does nothing for us, and only takes away our agency and empowerment.

You have the ability to understand and learn how to be at peace knowing that you are on your own unique journey and timeline.

Be proud of what you’ve learned and how far you’ve come, and have confidence that you are EXACTLY where you need to be in this phase. 🦋

Let me teach you how to embrace this and every phase of your life for good so that you can live it to its fullest.