Did I explain what I meant when I said life is 50/50 last week?

We choose to experience the joy of bringing life into the world knowing that life will eventually end, and bring grief. That doesn’t stop us from bringing new life into the world though, does it? We choose life knowing it is 50/50.

If you know me, you know this car is COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. Never would I splurge on something so impractical for me, at least those are my thoughts.

I picked this rental car while our car is in the shop.👩‍🔧
Fun, right? We went off-roading the first day we had it, if you call driving on bumpy, grassy fields off-roading. 😜
I am choosing to feel the thrill of enjoying a rental car I wouldn’t otherwise purchase, instead of the irritation of not having our comfortable “safe” car while it is repaired.

The emotion we create comes from within us. We decide if we want to feel joy or if we want to feel pain with the thoughts we choose to think.

If all we ever could experience was joy, how would we even know what pain was?

Remember, the worst thing that could ever happen is a Feeling.🥰