Intentional Constraint


Constraint is a restriction you put on yourself… to simplify your life while succeeding.

Do you think your multitasking is really beneficial?

I used to.

Until I realized it really wasn’t.

I always thought multitasking did 2 things:

1) let me finish faster

2) gave the impression that I could handle A LOT at one time

But, not only did I make errors while multitasking, i noticed that things were always a blur afterwards. It led to me having to correct errors, and my revelation that my memory around the details was lacking.

And, I was still burnt out and not saving time.

Maybe it was a factor of my age, but regardless, it didn’t feel good.

With intentional constraint, I learned to place my focus on the one place where it needed to be at that time.

It helped me get the results I wanted to achieve, and to my surprise, more efficiently.

While eliminating the overwhelm.

It’s like trying to kick one soccer ball versus twenty soccer balls at the same time. In which scenario will the ball go farthest?

I know it can be challenging to restrict yourself from doing more than one project,

or one to do list item, or one mastermind, or one webinar or program at a time.

You may find it difficult because of the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) when you feel forced to constrain. And the FOMO may just be for some free time after completing your tasks.

But, instead of feeling FOMO, change your mindset and feel empowered- to pick only one thing at a time as self-care for yourself.

It is simply freeing.

Start constraining for GREAT.