Are you being intentional when you eat and with what you eat?

Can you shift your mindset such that food is simply an energy source you use to fuel your body?

It seems impossible, but it can be done. And it doesn’t have to be perfect.

I like to plan my meals for the week ahead during my Thursday Time Out planning hour, including the nights I want to do take out. I grab groceries Friday morning and make sure I have everything I need for the next week- it saves me time from multiple grocery runs and helps hold me accountable to what I said I am going to eat.

And I screw up here and there. I fall off my protocol. I order take out on an overly hectic day where I just don’t want to cook. And then when this happens I just shift my cooking days to a take out day. Or decide to treat myself (within limits) to an extra take out night that week.

Just loving yourself by knowing you are making changes and attempts to implement a new system can be the first step. Baby steps are key. Start crazy small so your likelihood of doing it is impossible to fail.

When you intentionally plan what you are going to put in your body and stick to that plan, you begin to trust and honor yourself again and will gradually start to see a change.

Try planning out your food intake journal realistically for the next day- at least 24 hours in advance. Put everything you want to eat on it. And then stick to it.

Be prepared for mistakes and give yourself grace when it happens. But, pay attention to when you fell off protocol and why.

That’s the first step.