Life Can Get Chaotic


Life can get chaotic. Most of us want to avoid this by planning ahead and getting organized. It’s an inspiring thought to have. So…  why don’t we just do it then?

Is it because just the thought of having to sit down to start the process is burdensome enough? Are we scared that even if we organize our days, we will still be unproductive?

Well, it’s time to tell these intrusive thoughts to SHUT UP.

 Just commit and get down to business instead.

Here is what you have to do:

  • Have a Thursday Time Out session. This is where you plan out your calendar for the week in advance by the hour, including things you may not realize take time, such as defined work hours, meal prep, relaxation, self-development, family time, etc. Be honest with yourself. Does it really only take that long?
  • Build in a weekly Pop Off Block to address any fires that came up unexpectedly or push less urgent items there when a fire does pop up.
  • Commit to yourself. Say yes, but only after securing a spot for the task in your calendar.
  • Remember that it’s okay to say “No.” It is a complete sentence.

Take control of every hour of your day by planning ahead!