We’ve all heard of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but what about post-traumatic growth? 🦋
Where post-traumatic stress refers to the negative thoughts and feelings that can persist after a frightening event, post-traumatic growth refers to opting in on focusing on the positive effects of traumatic experiences. 💜
It sounds impossible, especially when the trauma is fresh. But post-traumatic growth is an empowering way of looking at the hard things you’ve been through and finding the silver lining. ⛅
With post-traumatic growth, you don’t deny or try to gloss over the fact that the event that happened was traumatic or that it caused you stress, but you do recognize that adversity can in fact lead to positive growth. 🌈
You take the trauma head on, and view it from a different perspective. One where you ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” or ” How is this making me stronger?” 💙
And then taking action from there, those challenges can show you just how much strength you actually have and can help you to learn how to reframe traumatic events so that you are open to new possibilities and evolve from them. 🌟
What are some ways that you could reframe the events in your own life to take your power back?
What events can you reframe from traumas to GOLD medals🏅, that you choose to wear as badges of your accomplishments? 🦋