Have you ever stopped to think about what love actually is? 🤔

Love is an emotion, and on its own, it doesn’t actually mean all that much.

We believe that when we take actions INSPIRED by love that our relationships with those around us will become full of rainbows and daisies.🌼

Interestingly enough, sometimes our love-inspired actions don’t actually make those we love, feel loved. 💜

Think about it this way: you might love receiving gifts (the more the better) because being pampered is your language of love.

But your daughter might cringe every time someone surprises her with a present. She doesn’t want or need more stuff, and it’s a chore for her to have to figure out what to do with a gift that she didn’t ask for in the first place.

So, when you buy your daughter a gift expecting her to be super excited about it (like the way that YOU feel when you receive gifts), and instead you get a blank stare and an insincere “thank you”…

It likely is because she gets to think WHATEVER she wants about the actions you took that came from your place of love. 💙

You see, we can only control our thoughts about what makes us feel loved. And what we think should make other people feel loved may not actually be their reality, and that’s simply how things work. Because we can’t control what other people think, no matter what our intentions are.

Maybe, you can take her reaction as simply information, and then choose to express your love in a way that feels good for you, with no expectations of how she feels/responds in return.

Curious about how you can start to live a more loving and fulfilling life, for your own sake?

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