Physician Wellness Week2

In honor of Physician Wellness Week, I want to talk about how doctors can start living better lives today by giving gifts to our future selves. 🎁
As a part-time pediatrician, I know firsthand how tough it can be to let go of the desire to control everything in our lives and just BE.
I know how easy it is to let feelings of resentment, frustration, insecurity, jealousy and fear impact how we show up in the world. 😔
You can’t give more of yourself if there’s nothing left to give because you haven’t been taking care of yourself.
I am excited to be partnering with a few medical offices to help physicians learn how to make decisions based on what they want and create a relationship with their future selves so that they can start living their most authentic lives. 👏
An exercise you can do right now to start putting yourself first is to have a conversation with your future self.
You can write a letter to your future self and ask her what she needs, what you can do today to get to where she is. This puts you in a state where you can start thinking about the actionable steps you can take right NOW to make your life better in the future. ✨
For instance, maybe your future self needs you to take time to relax, or to let go of behaviors that aren’t serving you (after-work drinks or late-night binging anyone?)
Or maybe she needs you to start exercising regularly or making time to write that book or doing the work to open your own practice. Calendar 15 minutes a day to do this. Setting a minimum baseline that is easily doable for you tells your brain you can trust your word to yourself… and you can build from there as you begin to succeed. 🦋
What other gifts can you give to your future self today? What habits can you begin working to change, and how can you start to prioritize her needs?
Thinking this way helps you to create a blueprint for the kind of future that you want.
You work so hard every day to heal others, isn’t it time you put yourself first? 💜