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I never thought of myself as an angry person.

I was always carefree and cracking jokes while growing up.

I was the happy go lucky one during med school and residency.

But then… something changed.

Life happened.

Responsibilities grew.

Free time disappeared.

Life became a routine rat race with the goal being getting the to do list done, perfectly.

And joy and ‘me time’ fell to the bottom of the priority list.

I grew resentful, upset, and angry. 😡

And… I was lucky enough to gradually build my awareness of how much I had changed, and then build awareness that I wanted to make another change.

So I did, with the help of my coach, by putting myself first.

Join me this Sunday as we have an open table discussion about how anger infiltrates our lives in the most unexpected ways at times.

I’ll teach some tools on how to stop yourself in your tracks when you feel an angry reaction about to come out of you.

I’ll show you how to return to being your authentic self.

Join this community. We are waiting for you.

Put yourself first.