When we think of the word discipline, it is normal to think about it with a negative connotation.

As a way to limit our freedoms.
But, discipline can actually open up a door to new freedoms. It can gives us a new sense of self-control.

For example, let’s assume on the weekend you REALLY just want to lounge and sleep in. But, you also have a list of things you need to get done and sleeping in just isn’t an option. So, you rely on your willpower, initially fight the urge to sleep in, and then inevitably give in to the urge and fail. Nothing gets done. And you feel like crap.

Fighting the desire to do something takes willpower, and when the false pleasure of sleeping in is greater than the pleasure of completing your chores, your willpower is doomed to give out.

So instead, set yourself up for success.

Decide ahead of time.

Decide that Sunday is your sleep-in day so Saturday you wake up incentivized to get your shit done.

Decide on your rules and expectations ahead of time to decrease the need for willpower and restraint.

Put yourself in charge of what YOU are deciding to do.

You already know what you want, now honor your commitment to yourself.

Discipline yourself by setting rules.

Be intentional and plan your decisions ahead of time.

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