“Saying goodbye is difficult and most of us don’t do it enough.”
It’s an art to ‘constrain for great’, and it takes effort and work.

So, just start already.

Take a look around your home.

Are the things you own things that you love and use often?

Or do these items just hold a memory that you feel will fade away when the object is gone?

Where else can you apply this in your life?

When deciding what to say goodbye to, try asking yourself these questions:

1) Would I buy this again today?

2) Would I start a relationship or friendship with this person today?

3) Would I opt to adopt this way of thinking today?

4) Would I make this career choice again?

Recognize that we may have invested a lot of time or money into something or someone and LOVED it in the past, AND it may no longer be serving us today.

And that is OK.

Goodbyes allow and make room for new Hellos, they allow for us to be GREAT, and they allow us to make a change…you just need to take the first step💙