Who’s guilty of it? 🙋‍♀️
In reality, there’s probably not a soul on this planet who isn’t!

One common way that self-sabotage sneaks into our lives is through overthinking our to-do lists and becoming frozen by analysis paralysis into inaction.
We hesitate to start because we dread the size of the project. The goal seems daunting, overwhelming, and unsurmountable as a whole, so we drag our feet, make excuses, and perseverate because that just feels easier than just starting.

Self-sabotage is how we react to our uncomfortable emotions that come with journey of reaching the end goal. Self-sabotage sometime comes from feeling unworthy of our dreams, and it’s also a choice.
The great thing about self-sabotage is that once we’re aware of it, we get to choose whether we indulge in failing ahead of time or whether we decide to pick a better way of taking massive action.
One of the best ways to keep self-sabotage at bay is by being proactive. 👏

Proactivation is the opposite of procrastination. It’s the process of taking control of your life by planning ahead, organizing, and taking actions that are aligned with your goals.

It requires moving deadlines up, instead of waiting until the last minute to get things done.

And it is also UNCOMFORTABLE- because it requires you to get off your ass and start doing things.

And, since get to choose your discomfort, why not work ahead of time, instead of sitting in the stress of last minute all-nighters?

If you find yourself constantly stressed out or feeling like you never have enough time to do anything, learning how to be proactive and stop self-sabotage in its tracks is one of the best things you can do for yourself. 🦋
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