Becoming truly aware of your thoughts is the first step of growth.✨

We as humans have varying phases of consciousness in the process of mindset growth:

🔹 Unconsciousness: This is where many people are most of the day. Something as simple as listening to a podcast places you here. 🗺️ Or, when you say your day flew by and you have no idea how. You may be mindlessly going through your day.

🔹 Awareness of Actions & Results: This is where you notice the actions you are taking in your life and recognize the presence of some results, but may not fully grasp in advance that your actions are what lead to you getting those results.📈

🔹 Consciousness of Your Feelings: When you become aware of your feelings, but may not really understand why you are feeling that way or how those feelings impact what you are doing or not doing.🤯

🔹 Consciousness of Your Thinking: You are able to recognize that your story, which may not be all facts, is created by your thoughts. You become aware that words you are sharing are actually an interpretation of what YOU are thinking, and that your beliefs may not be shared by others or be factual. You begin to see there may actually be a different way to think about the situation. 💥

🔹 Understanding Cause and Effect: Finally, you gain the ability to grasp the concept that the effects your thoughts have on your feelings specifically impact your actions. Realizing the chain of events that stem from your thoughts is the first step in creating a better result. 💙💜

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