Stop Letting Your Mind Backtrack


My eldest teen was hit T-bone style on the drivers side last week.
Straight on
The other driver didn’t hit her brakes before the impact. 

Talk about the negative half of a 50/50 life, right?

That afternoon, my fear for her and her safety flashed before my eyes and rushed into my body. 
My anger attempted to engulf me as the officer told me the other driver was falsely accusing my daughter of running the red light when she actually did, and caused the accident. 
My relief that she and her friend walked away without a scratch was immeasurable despite imagining my daughter’s fear as the other car came barreling towards her side. 
My regret for not taking her call as I was finishing up an interview while she was simultaneously hit straight on would settle in later and bring some tears.

I think back to how I would have reacted and processed all of these emotions had this happened a year ago. 
I see panic, rage, outbursts, anxiety, and a lot of crying with thoughts of “why our daughter?”.

Instead, my self coaching kicked in and allowed me to use my emotional intelligence and model how to handle a super uncomfortable situation for my girl without being left emotionally drained.

And boy, did that feel a whole lot better, for all of us.

Stay tuned for the other half of the 50/50. 
Although having my first born and her buddy 💯 whole and unhurt already puts me there.

Thank you, God, for keeping them safe.🙏🏽💙💜