Take a Mindful Moment


Always feeling rushed? Always have a plan for the entire day and still can’t get things done?

How do you think your children are feeling? Putting pressure of schedules and to-do lists on children can take a social and psychological toll on them. A tiger parent is one who puts a lot of time and energy into their child’s success. Whether it is academically, athletically, or musically, pushing a child to succeed can also deprive them of emotional support and connection.

Children have so much room to grow socially and psychologically throughout their adolescence. Children of authoritarian parents often find it more difficult to make friends, and may suffer psychological issues later in life.

Recess is an important part of growing and learning. Your children should be taking breaks, as should you, the parent, from your busy schedule. Take a moment and let yourself be free from the rush of everyday to-do lists. Take a mindful moment for yourself.