Take a Moment and Think


Is your to-do list putting pressure on your children? Do you find yourself being overly strict when it comes to parenting as a way to maintain control somewhere in your life?

Oftentimes, when parents are stressed or have a lot to do, their urgency and pressures can rub off on their children. And, when they have certain expectations for their child to attain a high level of success, this can translate into a form of tiger parenting.

Tiger parenting is strict parenting in which parents push their children to succeed highly, without regards for their emotions or feelings. A “tiger parent,” or “tiger mom,” is one who puts tremendous amounts of effort into developing their child to be who they want them to be.

Take a moment and think, why am I so determined to make sure my children succeed by my definition? Stop and wonder, what am I really so worried about? Your thoughts regarding perfectionism and self-worth may be causing you to place misdirected pressure on your children. Evaluate your reasons for pushing them to succeed, and then question if it is worth it.