Taking a Break or Being A Slacker?


Are you kind to yourself and build in rest periods after creating your product as part of your weekly schedule?


Do you procrastinate, get distracted easily by more enjoyable things and give up often without reaching your goals?

How do you know if you are just being lazy versus enjoying earned rest periods?

Laziness gets in the way of the goals we want to achieve. It’s more comfortable than forcing ourselves to be accountable by doing something uncomfortable. It holds us back from getting things accomplished that help us work toward our goals.


Ask yourself how often you actually produce the results you want…

Recognize when you are really resting versus just being lazy. Our bodies & minds need rest to optimize our performance, and being mindful of when you are resting versus buffering with laziness will help you reach your goals faster.

If you suspect you’re just being “lazy”, ask yourself honestly if you are giving your best effort. Do you still produce desired results in the time period allotted?
If the answer is “No”, be curious about the discomfort you are trying to avoid and then investigate why. For example, are you doubting your ability to produce, or are you fearful of rejection and failing? Do you find yourself saying, “What’s the point?”

Figure out what your fears & doubts are, allow yourself to process the thoughts and feelings around them, and then intentionally move forward. Because when you don’t feel like doing something, and you do it anyways, you’ve successfully defeated the laziness.

Finding the balance between work & rest is essential when creating the life you desire. Living an intentional life where your rest periods occur AFTER you have produced the results you desire takes effort. And catching yourself when you find yourself procrastinating and being lazy will increase your accountability to yourself.

Let’s look at the results you are producing in your life together & work to establish a healthy balance!
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