Your Past Was Perfectly Perfect


Which one of these thoughts sounds more productive to you?

“The scars of my past will always have an impact on my results.”


“My past experiences gave me exactly what I needed to become who I am today and prepare me for what I want to do next.”

If you constantly define your identity and current life situation by what has happened in your past, you will be stuck in past focused thinking and be unable to create new results for yourself.

For example, thoughts revolving around your perception of the past will enhance your interpretation of what already is and limit what you could potentially be.

Here are some examples of past focused thoughts:

I have never been able to XYZ.

I’m too sick/have too much pain to do XYZ.

I can’t do XYZ.

XYZ has never worked for me.

I’ve always stunk at XYZ.

Look at your past as if it was PERFECT, and got you to where you are today. Consider the challenges you have faced, the failures you have had the courage to try and the tragedies you have experienced as badges of honor in your experience of life.

Alter the narrative you, yourself, have created.

Instead of thinking “I could’ve done that better,” or “I didn’t do my best,” change the way you choose to refer to your past experiences.

Consider, “How did that experience prepare me for what is coming next,” and give yourself more grace.

Remember, beating yourself up by constantly using your past as an excuse for your limitations will never create a better future.

Finally, let me offer that you look at your past in this way —Everything happened the way it was supposed to have and that has made me into who I am today!

You can’t change the past, but you can transform your future!