How do you feel about getting together with your family for the holidays?

Do you often find yourself being dishonest about wanting to spend time with them, or trying to meet their expectations of you?

You can be in control of the situation and set your boundaries.

If someone always treats you in a way you dislike, why are you choosing to stay there? You can set your boundary in advance and decide to leave. Or better yet, if it is a recurrent issue, maybe choose to honor yourself and don’t even go!

Be honest and love yourself in the moment. You are the only one forcing you to stay at the party. You have free range to excuse yourself at any time.

Decide ahead of time what YOU will do, if others behave in a way you are not OK with.

Create YOUR boundary in advance.Remember- a boundary is knowing in advance and following through with what YOU will do when someone else violates your limits or rules.

No matter how kind you are to family, what you do for them, or how you want them to see you, you will never be able to change their thoughts and opinions. They are allowed to be who they are and think as they choose. Just as you are.

We can not control what other people think, say or do.

Accepting this embodies relaxation.
Dreading the upcoming holiday get-together?

Let’s work together and plan in advance to create your boundaries today!