The Process of Change


Take a moment to think. What is one thing in your life that is not working for you? Pick one thing and be specific. For example, poor communication with a partner.

What are you doing that is creating the undesired results?

Maybe you are acting out of anger generated by something unrelated or having frequent outbursts and using your partner as a punching bag. Or maybe you are being snippy with misdirected anger because it’s easy, and “he’s not going anywhere”.

Think about what is truly giving you the results that you are seeing.

Now, what is the result you would like to actually create with this issue?

Perhaps you long for a stronger, more open relationship with your partner. Or is it less arguing, and maybe more compassion? What actions do you need to take to achieve this result?

If you feel angry, figure out what triggers you to get there. Notice what your thoughts are when that anger creeps in. Take a quiet moment to allow yourself to feel the rage without reacting to it.

It’s going to take practice.

Then, regroup and listen to your partner and their thoughts. Let them tell you why they are right. Talk to each other with a curious mind and analyze the different conclusions you may come to by openly communicating.

One simple change of increasing your awareness can make total transformations in our lives to improve situations or relationships.

Start by increasing awareness, identifying what we want to improve, and then make changes to initiate the momentum towards new results.

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