The Gasoline for Your Success


What fuels your success?

Do you rely on external validation to feel successful and happy with what you have created?

Why does it matter what other people think or if they celebrate you?

Do you then feel crappy when you don’t get that validation?

Often times, we may get lucky on our first try at doing something and then get that external validation immediately after attempting a new challenge. But when the thrill of the first shot success subsides and reality sets in, we fall into a slump and lose the motivation to continue on because we allowed ourselves to be fueled only by that external validation.

When we choose to validate our success with external reinforcement as a measure of self-worth, we are setting ourselves up for exhaustion and burnout. And when the goal starts to come at our own expense and is no longer fun, we get into trouble and need to reassess.

Imagine if you only relied on your internal validation, conviction, and approval for who you are and what you are doing to reach your success goals.

Imagine if you could accept that there will be challenges along the path to reaching your goals, and what really matters is how you choose to feel along that journey, rather than how you think you will feel once you get there.

Allow yourself to process the negative emotion as it filters in when you think you should be farther along than you are. And recognize that if instead of doing this you try to tell yourself that you shouldn’t feel this way, it will only further increase your pain and suffering.

Rely on your internal motivation and validation as the fuel to propel you on your path towards success. Generate your own internal pride, value your own opinion, and stop seeking success celebration from external sources.

It is important to enjoy your journey on your terms with your own validation. The result is not more important than the journey itself. Take time to re-evaluate your plan and enjoy the ride knowing you are enough. It’s not just about the end result!