The Gift of Giving 💜- to Yourself


Sometimes, it is easy to get confused and think that unconditional love means pleasing others at our expense.


Consider when you are PISSED OFF at someone. Do you think they feel the discomfort of your anger while you sit and stew? Or are they often times totally oblivious to it? Has it ever blown your mind when your hubby has no idea why you are so irate?

This is why…. They don’t feel what you are feeling.


Unconditional love is loving others, no matter what, for OUR own sake. Because in reality, we are the only ones that feel the love we have, not them.

Unconditional love is meant to be beneficial for ourselves. Period.

So here is a tip…Around the holidays, we all know we will get drilled with probing questions from parents, siblings, other family members & loved ones.

“Aren’t you up for a promotion yet?”

“Any closer to getting married?”

“Have you started thinking about when you’re giving me a grand baby?”

Feel love for them when they ask you those annoying questions. (I know, it seems counter-intuitive!)

Know that they only want the best for you. Feeling love for them while they probe will feel better for YOU.

It will feel better for YOU than feeling the aggravation,and THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS!!

Enjoy the holidays by loving yourself. Master this by feeling that unconditional love for others, and the result is BEING KIND to yourself!

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