Things that activate our anger response might not always be what we’d predict to be triggers.


While sometimes there are more obvious anger instigators, such as someone cutting you off in traffic or if a salesperson is rude to you, other times the things that bring out anger can be more subtle.

For example, not finishing my to-do list always used to leave me with the uncomfortable feeling of a constant sense of urgency.

This would then be coupled with my thought that there never was enough time for me to finally relax or ever have fun.

This urgency would continue to build and resulted in me reacting with anger when anyone seemed to obstruct my ability to finish tasks, including towards my kiddos.

So, that sense of urgency ultimately had an effect on how I showed up with my parenting.

I was often times overly strict as a way of compensating for feeling a lack of control in other areas of my life. 😟

So what was the first step I took to stop this habitual reaction?

I built my Awareness.

Figuring out what your personal anger triggers are is the 🔑 to transforming your life into a more satisfying, peaceful, and enjoyable existence.

Because only when you understand what your triggers are, can you begin to work toward changing your thoughts around them. 🦋

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