Does it ever feel like your to-do list gets longer by the day, or that nothing ever seems to get done? Or, by the time you finish it the next day’s list is starting? 😕
Most of us want to get organized and have an action plan that propels us in the direction of our goals.
But life gets so busy, there’s always so much to do, and what if we take the time to make a plan and get organized and…nothing changes?
It’s easy to get caught up in thoughts of “what if” something goes wrong, but WHAT IF you started considering what would happen if things went right? Or…EVEN IF something goes wrong, what’s the worst that can happen?

One of my essential time management skills is scheduling a non-negotiable Thursday Time Out session.

This is when you plan your calendar for the following week by creating an hourly schedule. This schedule should include EVERYTHING- work hours, focus/think time, meal prep, relaxation, self-development, family time, gym time, and anything else that you do regularly. 📅

Next, it’s crucial to be honest with yourself about how much time these things actually take. Humans are notorious for underestimating the amount of time things will take! And remember it’s a learning process, so each week you can make adjustments as you see things took more or less time than you had planned.

Be sure to add a Pop Off Block to put out any fires that might come up. 🧯

Commit to yourself. Make space for anything you want to do in your calendar before saying yes to it.
Conversely, anything that is a time-suck or not benefiting you or your family should be a no. You don’t have to waste time explaining yourself, just say no. Period. 🚫

You’ll get to the point where your calendar is your To-Do list, no more paper planners. I still use a paper reminder list for the day because it’s the medical residency check out a habit I have to ensure I don’t forget something, but my calendar is what steers me as to my time allotment for each task, and when I have time to add on new requests and projects.

Ready to take control of every hour of your day by planning ahead?

Want to ditch your to-do list forever? 🙋

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