If you’ve ever had the pleasure of living with dogs, then you know the delight that is the open-hearted joy and affection with which they greet you after spending a couple hours (or sometimes, even a couple minutes) apart. 🐶

When it comes to expressing love, wo(man)’s best friend has got it right.

Dogs don’t withhold love, and, as much as we might wish it were true, they don’t express love for our benefit. They do what feels good to them. They are SELFISH lovers!

Many people withhold love because it gives them a false sense of staying safe by avoiding vulnerability. Or, they withhold love because they think they’ll enjoy the sense of retaliation they get from punishing someone by not showing them love.

The thing is, when you withhold love, you’re not hurting anyone except yourself.

They don’t live in the angst of love being withheld from them. They likely are oblivious!

Think about it- other people don’t feel the pang of pain from your lack of giving them your love, only you do.👏🏼 Is it worth hurting yourself?

Choosing to love others freely and with an open heart feels simply… amazing. And while it’s wonderful to love others, it’s really a gift that you are unquestionably giving to yourself: the gift of the feeling of unconditional LOVE.

If loving others seems impossible sometimes, you’re not alone. Good news is, I’m here to help you learn how to make it easier so that you are not the one continuing to suffer.

Book a Discovery Consultation with me today and let me help you start living a more loving life. 🦋

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