Let’s Turn Your FOMO into JOMO!

You may be living under a rock if you don’t know that FOMO is “The Fear Of Missing Out”.

But, have you heard of JOMO?… “The JOY Of Missing Out.”

JOMO is when you intentionally choose to spend your precious time only on things that make you happy. It’s when you are OK with OPTING OUT of those nauseating obligations on purpose! It’s even when you OPT OUT because you just don’t feel like it.

Why do we struggle so much to embrace only those things that make us happy?

If you choose to stay home in your jammies, rather than go dancing with friends as COVID moves on, that’s you practicing JOMO.
If you DON’T volunteer to make treats for your kid’s class holiday party because you just don’t want to, relish in your JOMO.
If you choose to skip the holiday party, even though it’s the MUST ATTEND event of the season, you’re comfy with your JOMO.

The JOMO is what makes you happiest. Your focus should not be on the FOMO of what you aren’t doing, but rather the JOMO and loving on yourself by doing what you want to.

This month, practice upping your JOMO!